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How to Build Your Company in the UAE in 2022
How to Build Your Company in the UAE in 2022 Dubai Expo 2020, the first World Expo to break new ground...
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Labour Law
UAE Labor Law Revised to Further Protect Employees’ Rights
The updated UAE labor rules say that employees cannot be terminated during their probation period by...
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Residence Visa for Retired Expats
Retired Expats Can Get a Residence Visa in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reported the presentation of another residence visa for resigned expats...
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Divorce in the UAE
Are You An Expat In The UAE Seeking Divorce? Here Are The Things You Need To Know
Expatriates married outside the UAE and are currently residing as residents in the UAE can seek divorce...
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Criminal - Trial in UAE
Criminal law is a branch of law that deals with the acts of offenders. This branch of law is divided...
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Criminal Law
Criminal Law in UAE: Procedures & Provisions for Theft
Theft might also solely be perpetrated on a proper movable property that has financial or non-monetary...
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Labour Reguations
Labour Regulations in Free Trade Zones like ADGM
Introduction: Labour laws are an important body of law that regulates matters such as working conditions...
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Sexual Harassement
Sexual Harassement at Workplace
“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.” – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru...
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Company Formation in UAE
Business or an enterprise is created for the purpose of trade and commerce. To commence with the business,...
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Labour Law in UAE
Labour Law in UAE
Labour Unions law applies to all staffs and employees working in the UAE. These employees can be either...
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Employment Laws Governing DIFC
Basic Understanding with Respect to Employment Laws Governing in Dubai International Financial Sector
Introduction Dubai International Financial Sector (DIFC) in relation to the Employment Law Dubai International...
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Banking laws and Regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The banking laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are supervised by the Saudi Arabia monetary...
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Health Insurance in UAE: Benefits and Legal Framework
Insurance The idea of insurance was generated while to protect the loss of goods during inland transit...
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Dubai Arbitration
DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Centre) and its Procedure
The Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) was first created in 1994. It is a part of Dubai Chamber...
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