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Lawyers Porfolio

Admin > Left Panel > Team Menu

Must fill add details below

  1. Title is the name of team member
  2. Add biography in the editor
  3. Option to add a cover image in the individual portfolio page
  4. Must fill designation, email, phone and location
  5. Add Practicing in as list in the editor
  6. Experience can be added multiple in one editor and separate it with  horizontal line option the editor tool.
    • Logo of the company
    • h4 > Senior Advocate

      h3 > FHS Law Firm (2017-present)

    • and a detail paragraph
    • also can add Focusing on as bullet list
  7. Specializing in with some paragraph and bullet list
  8. Add Education with some paragraph and bullet list. Eg : 1992 – Bachelor of Law,University of Kent ( year and course make it bold )


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