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Menu Management

Go to Appearance > Menus


Manage Main Menu

  • Select Header Nav (Primary Menu) from the drop down list and add remove menus and save
  • Adding Sub Menu, go to Custom Links in the Menu items url just “#” if there no landing page and as Link text for menu name. Then add to menu and select menu from left and drag and drop as sub menu of sub menu.

Manage Top Menu

  • Select Top Nav from the drop down and click select and choose menus from left menu list and save

More Menu

  • Select More Nav from the list and click Select and get menu from left and Save it (In front end there is a Three doted menu near to the Main Nav).

Social Media

  • Select Social media from the list and Select. It will list all the current Social media links added.
  • Adding a New social media icon. Go to Custom links and add URL of the Social media page and paste the Font awesome element to the Link text. Steps below: 
    1. Choose icon from
    2. Search for Facebook and click the icon and it will redirect to another page, copy <i class=”fab fa-facebook-f”></i> and paste it in Link text

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