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Debt Collection Lawyers Abu Dhabi

Our debt collection lawyers in UAE create bespoke and smart strategies for our clients whether they are the debtor or the creditor. Either of which, no one is legally authorized to use abusive practices against the other for the sake of debt collection. We have a team of debt collection attorneys that have substantial experience in representing debtors, creditors, suppliers, trustees, and equity holders, avoiding the possibilities of going to trial and instead successfully resolve issues through favorable settlements.

We can save you the burden of having to go through heavy loads of debt collection paperwork and represent you in court, with the sole objective of either protecting you from abusive debt collectors or getting back the money you loaned.

At FHS Law, our debt collection attorneys assure you, whether you are a financially distressed debtor or a creditor, that your rights are not mistreated and you get what is lawfully yours.


  • Can alternative dispute resolution (ADR) resolve debt collection issues?

    Yes. Here are a few alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) methods that can solve debt collection cases:

    • Mediation – a mediator with debt collection experience will develop a settlement that both parties may agree to
    • Expert opinion – an expert in debt collection
    • Adjudication
    • Mini trial
  • Are debt collectors allowed to threaten you? 

    Verbally or physically threatening debtors for debt collection is against the law. Here are other other illegal practices that debt collectors should not do:

    • Terrorizing you, a member of your family, or anybody related to you
    • Sending fake letters that imitate court archives
    • Badgering
    • Calling your phone at work or at home the whole day
    • Disclosing private information to one of your colleagues
    • Holding one of your relatives accountable for the debt collection

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