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FHS & MMS Solutions is considered one of the most important debt collection and legal consulting companies in financial affairs, taxes, licensing, company formation, risk and compliance laws, contracts and partnerships in the Emirates. It provides debt collection services owed from individuals and companies at reasonable costs.

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When you get to know us, you will realize that we are the best choice. FHS & MMS Solutions is not just an ordinary legal consulting company, but rather a summary of experience spanning years of distinguished legal work and continuous successes.

Our office is located on the lively Electra Street in the heart of the capital, Abu Dhabi Our office specializes in following up on debt collection cases, which are among the difficult and frustrating issues for the debtor, whether he is a holder or a debtor, and we are aware of how difficult the situation is for the debtor. Creditor and debtor You will find us using all our skills and experience to solve the matter in a professional manner and provide specialized solutions so that the client gets... Get it right in a quick and smooth way

We help you establish your company with our extensive knowledge. UAE laws, tax and financial affairs, contracts, debt collection and taxes, as well as human resources affairs, employment and digital marketing We protect your interests and provide you with legal advice and solutions. Customized through our deep knowledge of the laws of the United Arab Emirates

We have a proven history of success in debt collection cases. We are proud of a team of the most skilled debt collection experts in the UAE

We help you with compliance, contract drafting and tax issues. We also provide you with the best consultations related to establishing the company, from the first step to the company’s organizational structure, selecting human staff, to systems, licenses, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

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Do not neglect your rights or leave yourself without a legal shield of experience to protect your rights and interests and prevent you from falling into... Legal problems We are here to help you

To be our client’s stronghold as he/she is not just a client whose interests we manage and solve their legal problems, but rather we consider them as a dear member of our family, whose interests we are very keen on, and we provide them with the expertise of the most skilled and distinguished lawyers in all judicial fields. We always strive for justice and take care of the interests of our clients, as we are fully equipped with experience, integrity, effective communication, and continuous follow-up, putting the client’s interest and the lofty principles and ethics of the legal profession at the forefront of our priorities. With our company FHS Advocates & Legal Consultants, rest assured that we are legal guardians of your interests, with the required knowledge and long-standing experience that we possess.

To strive to achieve justice, to protect the rights of our clients, to spread legal awareness in society, to achieve more achievements and win more cases, to be a milestone in the field of legal advice in the UAE in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular

Our Mission

As an office Debt collection and legal consultations Our mission is to provide specialized services to our clients in the field of debt recovery and to provide legal advice related to debt recovery, establishing companies and their licenses, and all legal procedures related to contracts, business setup, and potential risks, and studying them to spare the client from falling into any legal problem

In our mission, we strive to achieve financial and legal justice for our clients. And ensuring their legal rights to collect their debts Through our experience in procedures and by providing legal advice on the legal policies and procedures that must be taken to ensure the payment of debts, we are also interested in research and legal analysis of financial issues and providing legal advice related to them.

We work in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards and are keen to establish strong cooperative relationships and build bridges of trust with our clients

We guarantee the confidentiality and preservation of our customers' data and guarantee the transaction. With it safely and professionally

We believe that the law is the best way to achieve rights. And its guarantee. Knowledge of it and the presence of a legal partner is power, while ignorance of it is power. Weakness causes many problems

We believe in the importance of implementing the law so that it is effective and fair for all parties concerned Therefore, we have made the core of our mission to implement the law and use it as a means to achieve the comfort and well-being of our customers and protect their interests through our constant follow-up, sincerity in work, and our extensive experience.

Our Vision

To maintain our position and effective role in protection. Legal interests, providing legal advice and customized solutions that focus on protecting the client’s interests and gaining his trust

We aim to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering. Customized solutions that meet their unique legal needs, with . Providing exceptional service and a collaborative partnership as well

Our vision is to strengthen long-term relationships with. Our clients, and to become their trusted advisors and partners in legal matters. We aspire to be a company that understands the challenges, complexities and updates of the constantly evolving legal landscape and provides innovative and practical solutions

We strive to create a supportive, engaging work environment. Recruit the best legal talent and promote professional growth and development. By investing in our team, we ensure that our firm remains at the forefront of legal excellence

Additionally, we are committed to giving back to our community. And social responsibility. Through charitable work and community initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact and contribute too. Improving society and increasing legal awareness among all its members

Overall, our vision is to be a company. Legal advice that commands trust, respect, and admiration for our legal expertise, distinguished services, and dedication to our clients. Our team and our community

Your opinions matter to us

Muhammad Salem Al-Aouni

It is wonderful to find a team of legal advisors who have experience and knowledge in various issues, especially financial ones. They gained my trust because I noticed from them their seriousness and professionalism in their work and their keen interest in my interests.

Thomas Field

As a foreign investor, I had some concerns of opening a company in Abu Dhabi, but when I consulted the experts at FH Solutions, I felt comfortable. I thank them for following up on establishing my company, obtaining its licenses, and structuring its work. What they did was wonderful and helped me save time and effort and avoid running into any legal problems.

Afzal Sidqi

I was in a complicated tax problem and I did not have sufficient knowledge of the UAE laws FHS and MMS Solutions experts solved the case with intelligence, smoothness and experience that impressed me and they have become my uncompromising legal partners.

Consecutive successes and endless stories of achievement

Our Area of Practice & Services

Debt Collection

Don't lose hope in collecting your debt, we are here to help you. FHS and MMS Solutions specializes in collecting debts and due and late payments from defaulting debtors and provides a full range of debt collection services in accordance with the needs of its clients. Through a team of specialists adept at negotiating and finding effective and practical solutions.

Legal consultancies and Tax law

Our team of legal advisors has extensive experience in various legal affairs in the Emirates and has comprehensive knowledge of the UAE tax law, which enables them to protect your interests and spare you from tax problems.

Loan scheduling and financial claims services

Don't worry! Your financial problems are in safe hands The presence of expert legal advisors gives you the opportunity to rearrange your financial affairs, as they provide you with successful legal solutions that solve your problems and give you the opportunity to restore balance to your financial situation.

Business setup, Contracts and licenses

Establishing a company requires a lot of study, knowledge, and procedures, so you need a legal advisor. We are your trusted legal partners. We facilitate the company establishment process with all its procedures, from licensing and structuring to recruitment, salaries, compliance, and risk avoidance. With us, your business will flourish and your interests will remain legally and effectively protected

Recruitment & Payroll

Leave the administrative management of your employees to us The payroll module automates the payroll process by collecting employee time and attendance data, calculating several deductions and taxes, and periodically making payroll cheques and employee tax reports. Data is usually fed from human resources and time monitoring modules to compute and calculate manual cheque writing and automatic deposit capabilities. This module covers all employee-related transactions, as well as the current financial management system.As an expert in the Human Resources market, we advise and assist companies in the design of their team for the creation and implementation of their company in Dubai or the Emirate.

Financial and administrative consulting

Our customized consultations based on the client's activity aim to study the client's activity and suggest the best systems that are compatible with his activity, so that we can ensure the prosperity of his business and the security of his financial transactions. We also provide services to evaluate financial and administrative systems and address any deficiencies in them.