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FHS & MMA is considered one of the most important debt collection and legal consulting companies in financial affairs, taxes, licensing, company formation, risk and compliance laws, contracts and partnerships in the Emirates. It provides debt collection services owed from individuals and companies at reasonable costs.

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Ali Mohamed Elhassan Abdelmahmoud

Legal Consultant

Mr. Ali holds the position of Legal Researcher at FHS & MMA. He is specialized in civil law, criminal law, commercial law, real estate law, and all UAE court procedures of various cases including that of the Dubai Court, Abu Dhabi Court, Federal Courts, Ras Al Khaimah Court), Public Prosecution, Police Stations.He also has extensive experience in:

●Drafting civil and commercial lawsuits and registering them in courts through the country's electronic litigation systems

●Attending and following-up on sessions before the Case Management Department in all federal and local courts

●Handling all civil and commercial cases, from the stage of declaring the case until the issuance of the final judgment/verdict

●Drafting agreements and settlements and revising legal drafting

●Writing labor issues newspapers and commercial issues newspapers, and in particular contracting issues and engineering issues

●Registration of all types of lawsuits and declaring them, making payments of governmental fees, and following-up all procedures for filing a lawsuit until the lawsuit is given a judicial number

●Dealing with all electronic litigation systems, whether federal (Ministry of Justice) or local (Judicial Department - Abu Dhabi, Dubai Courts and Ras Al Khaimah Court)

●Following up and completing all procedures in person at judicial authorities and police departments

●Attending all experience meetings of all types. Cases in which the court assigns experts to decide the dispute before it

●Ali is highly skilled in facilitating affairs. Clients and persistence in following up on their cases